We would like a cushion to survive a downturn, and not have to layoff all of our people– but the dunderheads like the idiot who wrote the article above, would have you write your congressman to tax our reserve. We would like an opportunity to g
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I knew that it would take over one week to fully recover from a cold in this weather. But I also didn’t want to stay in bed. There was a desert waiting for me so I decided to move on just after my fever had passed. I thought that in one week I could
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“‘I think we got a problem, Houston’ You’re dead! Surprise! Welcome to the Dead Thing” “Death is not the easiest so don’t be nervous, Oblivion can really make a girl feel worthless” “And people tend to go both ways here…” Lydia’s entrance mid “the wh
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Informace o zápasu - Tým A - Sokol Pražský - VŠB Ostrava Konečný výsledek: Sokol Pražský - VŠB Ostrava - 79:58 Výsledky po jednotlivých čtvrtinách: 21:14, 41:32, 61
Even those of us who work for“responsible,” “ethical” businesses find ourselves looking for ways to take home some extra food or to slip some bills out of the register. ... encampment. He would tell us that if we really wanted to change things we wou